Sourcing Agents

Sourcing Agents

China Direct

Sourcing Agents

When it comes to Sourcing Goods from China to South Africa, you need a reliable and experienced business partner and sourcing agents you can trust like, China Direct Sourcing.

China Direct Reliable and Trusted Sourcing Agents!

With China Direct Sourcing by your side, you will drastically minimise the risks of Sourcing Goods from China, if you had to do it yourself. By choosing reputable trade partners and using stringent quality control systems as well as other safe guards, China Direct Sourcing Agents are able to guarantee high quality products, manufactured on time and delivered to your door. China Direct Sourcing Agents have the contacts, systems, people and resources to source the best deals in China.



Communicate Directly!

China Direct Sourcing ensures direct and effective communication with factories and manufacturers in at all times.

Reduce High Costs!

China Direct Sourcing Reduce The High Costs Involved With Sourcing, Manufacturing and Importing From china!

Eliminate Barriers!

China Direct Sourcing eliminate all language barriers, all cultural barriers and all business barriers in China.

Customs & Logistics

China Direct Sourcing Handle All Inspections And Shipping Logistics In-house By Our In-house Shipping Company!

Sourcing Agents

Sourcing Agents